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Specialty Services

When you look good, we look good; enhancing your image enhances ours.
We invest in our people and our equipment to offer you a full line of specialty
services. Our clients count on us as part of their property management team
to come up with maintenance solutions and preventive measures.

Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning: Brush your acoustical ceiling tiles clean!
We eliminate stains and odors caused by grease and air pollution such as
cigarette smoke through the use of chemicals safe for furniture, drapery
and carpets.

Ultrasonic Lens Cleaning: As important for energy conservation as it is
for aesthetics, ultrasonic light lens cleaning will brighten your work space.
Remember, when your light lens is dirty, a light fixture with four bulbs will only appear as bright as one with three bulbs. It pays to keep your lens clean.

Lighting Maintenance: Can't reach those lofty light bulbs that need to be
changed? Let us show you the light and replace those out-of-the-way bulbs.

Ultrasonic Venetian Blinds Cleaning: Tired of that plume of dust every time
you raise your Venetian blinds? Using our ultrasonic scrubber, we will eliminate
allergy causing dust and dirt.

Fabric Partitions & Upholstery Care: Using specialized tools and chemicals,
we effectively maintain and clean fabric partitions and upholstery in your home or
office. Along with enhancing the appearance of work and family environments, clean
partitions and upholstery contribute to better health for those you care about.

Deodorization & Odor Control: Pet urine; mildew; cigarette smoke — these
odor-causing nuisances are enough to drive any business or homeowner up the wall.
Our experienced team deodorizes and then eliminates the source of the problem
using specialized chemicals and tools so that you can breathe easier.

Mildew Removal: A prominent biological pollutant generated in the home, mildew
can become a serious health risk for employees and loved ones. While prevention is
the best solution — keep areas under 50% humidity — often times it is too late. Our
experienced team uses a host of techniques to solve mildew problems.

Power Washing: Using highly pressurized water, our qualified team renews the
appearance of houses and concrete office buildings. We also power out dirt from
driveways and walkways. Increase the value of your living or working space by
ridding your home, office, driveway, or walkway of dirt, moss and mildew

Porter & Matron Services: We provide well-trained and reliable professionals to
clean and maintain your commercial, educational, governmental, or medical facility.

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