can provide
and equipment
on demand
which is critical
in and emergency.
They're a
great company.

Insurance Company
Facilities Manager
140,000 SF

24 / 7 Emergency Services

In an emergency, our customers only need to dial one number to get
immediate action. Whether you just found out you're having an open house
in 24 hours or you need a flood, fire or catastrophe restoration — we're
there with the people, equipment and leadership to get the job done right.
Our goal is to restore order in the shortest time possible.

Flood Restoration: The next time a heavy rain or a broken pipe floods your
property, call Capitol Cleaning to cleanup the mess. Our experienced team
of professionals won't rest until your home, office building or business is
completely dry.

Fire Restoration: Fires can be deadly and costly. Billions of dollars are spent
on fire remediation each year. After the smoke clears, call Capitol Cleaning to
help clean and deodorize furniture, carpets and walls affected by fire.

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